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Used SUVs in Benton, Arkansas

SUVs are one of the most versatile styles of vehicles around. They’re capable of carrying the whole family on weekend adventures, transporting bags of groceries after a day of running errands around town, or even towing trailers or other equipment. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so no matter what your intentions might be, there’s surely an SUV to suit your needs. From compact crossovers with gas mileage that rivals many sedans, to full-size models with enough power to rival a pickup, there’s an SUV to match just about anyone shopping for a car.

When you search for a used SUV, you have access to a wide variety of makes and models. You can look for just the right qualities you’re seeking in a new car, including a price tag that suits your wallet. Here at Campbell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR), we often list these SUVs at very affordable prices. Take a look at our used car specials for the best deals in Benton, Arkansas.

Why Buy a Used SUV?

The allure of a brand-new car might be appealing, but buying a used SUV is really a very smart choice to make. Used vehicles are those that have one or more previous owners, and the biggest draw to buying a used car is saving money.

One reason why used vehicles cost so much less has to do with depreciation, which is the decline in the value of a car. The slope of the depreciation curve is steepest as soon as someone purchases a new car and levels off over time, so a used car maintains its value for longer. Buying used means that someone else has already paid the price of the steep depreciation that occurs when a car is new.

Not only will you make savings when you initially purchase your vehicle, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised to learn that you’ll save money on car insurance as well. New cars cost much more to insure, so you’ll save more money over time when it comes to insurance premiums.

Another added benefit of buying a used suv is the availability of a large selection of vehicles. Here at Campbell CDJR, you’ll find used SUVs of various makes and models, not just Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram.

Tips for Buying a Used SUV

When you’re looking through listings of used SUVs, you’ll notice a wide range of vehicles is available. Some used SUVs are practically brand-new, while others are older models that have since received major upgrades from the manufacturer. When looking for a used SUV, be prepared to make a list of your essential features. Can’t live without a backup camera? Keep in mind that this feature, like many others you’re familiar with, hasn’t always been standard. You want to make sure to blend affordability with the features that you think are non-negotiable.

When purchasing a used SUV, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable dealer. While you might find some bargains from independent sellers online, you should look at these listings with much caution. When you purchase a used vehicle from a dealership, such as Campbell CDJR, you can rest assured that our service technicians have inspected the vehicle and given it a thorough overview before it’s listed.

Finance Options

Our finance team here at Campbell CDJR wants to make sure that you choose the best financing option for your budget. For starters, we recommend using our online payment calculator to help you get an idea of how much you can afford. If you currently own a vehicle that you’d like to trade in, we also recommend that you value your trade-in so you’ll know what to expect before you even step foot inside our doors.

When financing your used SUV, you’ll have the option to either finance or lease your new purchase. Each has its pros and cons, and our finance team is more than happy to match you with the option that’s best for you. Here’s some more information about these two options:


Financing a car involves taking out a loan to pay the price of the vehicle and then paying back that loan over a set amount of time. When you finance a car, you’re earning equity in the car each month. If you sell the car before you’ve paid off the loan, you can use the money from the sale to pay this. Once the loan terms have ended, the car becomes yours and you can have months or years without a car payment.

On the flip side, financing a car means your monthly payment will be higher than if you chose to lease your used SUV. The higher monthly payment means that you’ll be more limited in what you can afford to buy.


Leasing the car involves paying for the use of the car for a predetermined period, usually four years or less. When leasing an SUV, you’re paying for the cost of depreciation of the car for a short timeframe, which is far less than the total amount of the vehicle. That means your monthly payment will be significantly lower than if you financed the vehicle. Since your monthly payment is lower, that means you can most likely afford a more expensive vehicle by leasing.

One drawback to leasing is that you’ll never be the owner of the vehicle, and therefore you’re not earning any equity in your vehicle when you make your monthly payments.

Why Buy From Campbell CDJR?

At Campbell CDJR, we have a wide selection of used SUVs that are waiting for you to come and look at today. No matter what features you’re interested in, we’re confident that we have an SUV that’ll meet your needs. Our service technicians inspect all our used vehicles to ensure they’re road-ready and hassle-free. Contact us today if you have any questions about our used SUV selection. Our friendly sales team is ready and waiting for you to visit and take a test drive in Benton today.

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